SMART: Sustainable Marketing Analytics Research and Training

Perfecting the Business of Online Marketing

Navigate uncertainty + achieve a stellar web presence with webSMART.

Before we became digital pioneers, the crew at webSMART collectively logged thousands of hours in the field of small businesses just like yours. Our unique insider’s perspective allows us to take into consideration the nuances and challenges you face every day. Couple that with our web savvy skill sets, and you have a recipe for helping you work SMARTer.


Because when you partner and put your trust in us, then you get to play harder. With a little effort up front, you’ll save yourself time, money and headaches in the long run. You’ll be able to punch out and enjoy what is it you like doing most. It’s what we do.

Ethical, Sustainable Solutions

At webSMART, we take pride in doing things the right way, by employing only ethical, white hat methods in all we do. As cyberspace continues to expand, so does our arsenal of knowledge and skills. Our crew is always researching, testing and developing new strategies, and as always, our methods ethical, professional and adhere to best practices.


Our goal is to execute effective marketing solutions not just with tantalizing short term goals, but to do it right for the long haul and always a phone call away with one of our local cyberspace experts.

Meet our Core Crew Members


Dive Buddy | Coconut Drinker | Boardsport Enthusiast | Roller Derby Granny

Vanessa Keen
Owner, Content + SEO Specialist

La Capitana | Aggressive gardener | Fish in water | Sailboat stowaway

Danielle Ahlberg
Creative Director

Travel Zealot | Reading Enthusiast | Pilates Nut | Safari Superior

Kate Lacey
Content Coordinator

Speed Racer | Juris Prudent | Smooth Operator

Michael Runkle, Esq.
Business Development Manager
SMARTy Renezen Benedicto

Food Lover | Volunteer Enthusiast | Travel Aficionado | Did we mention food?!

Renezen Benedicto
Content Writer

Speed Racer | Vinyl Spinner | Voice of Reason

Adam Keen
Website Hosting + Network Security
Jaqueline Chase
Copywriter + Social Specialist
Don’t let the vastness of cyberspace get the best of you. Prepare yourself.

Scalable, Affordable Small Business Marketing

We have developed an affordable solution to help you, a business owner, navigate the ins, outs and ever-changing best practices for optimizing your web presence. As trends change and shifts occur, we’re providing you with updated guidance, support and information.


At the core of our SMART services, we utilize our expertise and experience to pull important metrics to provide you with a clean, comprehensive and customized report of your web data…and for a fraction of the cost if you or an agency did the work.


We have a versatile arsenal of tools + a team that knows how to use them. We’re proud of our long track record of successful campaigns, creative solutions + happy small business owners like you. We look forward to providing you the same insights and the training to show you how to accomplish your online goals.

Small business owner’s only option is to have a game plan. It’s ok to forego it alone, but with cyberspace expanding faster than the speed of light, let webSMART help you navigate and stay on course.

A Short History

The Birth of webSMART

The realm of web visibility and online work is too expansive for a single person. Instead of overextending herself, Vanessa started a small agency in 2017 to meet the demand. Yet the ones who needed the most help couldn't afford agency prices...this motivated the team to build a price point solution, to assist this demographic. If you're not doing anything to maintain your online presence, you're giving business away to your competitors. webSMART continues to work down in the trenches, testing theories and refining processes to conserve hard-earned money and precious time.

First Hand Experience

Efficiency is paramount to front runners Dani + Vanessa. Their experiences in the trenches with small businesses were frustrating. The two decided to join forces after having a candid conversation about wanting to help under served small business owners. Friends, family and acquaintances with local businesses began to catch wind of the girls' momentum. While Dani + Vanessa wanted to help them too, it wan't an option: There weren't enough hours in the day. Not wanting to be overworked and stretched thin, they rallied the webSMART crew to put their heads together and find a viable solution that would be beneficial to not only friends and family, but to all small business owners they hadn't met yet.

Goals + Mission

webSMART strives to empower small business owners to take charge of their web presence by providing them with affordable, invaluable guides and information. Our mission is to build a location independent team and create a sustainable business that fosters a balanced work life approach through innovative methods, automation, mutual cooperation and constructive feedback.

Take a Walk on the SMART Side

  • Attorneys
  • Brick + Mortar Retailers
  • Tour Operators
  • Restaurant + Bar
  • Health + Wellness
  • Professional Service Providers
  • Hotels + Property Managers
  • eCommerce