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Guanacaste Goals: Taking Local to a New Level

By Danielle Ahlberg
Fueling Locals + Local Businesses

webSMART’s team is no stranger to Guanacaste: we’ve been doing business here for a while, and we love the area just as much as you do. That also means that we know the struggles local businesses can have when high season comes to an end, and just how much work needs to be done to keep our beautiful area clean, wild, and gorgeous.

Enter our newest partnership with Beach Society, a growing group of over 600 women in the Gold Coast region who feel exactly the same way. They love our beaches, our wildlife, and our people. The society formed through the efforts of the founder, Nikki Griffith, who wanted to find more ways to explore the area, learn new things, and build up her local community with like-minded women.

Local Businesses + Beach Society + webSMART

Beach Society Member NFC Card

You might be wondering how Beach Society, webSMART, and local business owners can connect to achieve all of our goals for our local life. The fact is, Beach Society Members want to travel, go on tours, learn new sports and hobbies, and enjoy good, fresh food, and they want to do this all year – not just in the high tourist season. Many Beach Society Members are residents, and they’re here for the long haul. This means that local businesses have a consistent audience hungry for more—more offers, more activities, more specials, and more events—even when the out-of-towners fly the coop. 

Through this partnership, webSMART is creating a Business Directory for interested local businesses to list their business information, showcase deals, announce events, and more. This is your opportunity to advertise directly to an audience that wants to take part in all the wonderful things you have to offer.

Getting your business listed on the SMART directory, and we won’t sell your info to anyone else. All you need to do is fill out a survey to get us the right information for us to provide to Beach Society Members. We’ve created NFC cards that Members will purchase with a donation, and they’ll use those cards to access our SMART Directory of partnered businesses.  To top it all off, the proceeds from the cards will go directly back into the community through a Community Fund, which Beach Society will put to use for habitat preservation, beach clean-ups, recycling programs, and more community-minded projects.

Get Listed

Fill out our survey to get your business into the SMART Directory.

Filling out the survey is quick and easy, and you can add more deals and info later as you get to know Beach Society. This information will go into our directory, and get Members in touch with you for more of what you do best.

With so many locals ready to invest in the local community, now is the time to get your business listed. With Beach Society, webSMART, and local businesses working together, we’ll make our community better than ever.

Beach Society Business Listing

About Beach Society, From the Founder

My name is Nikki Griffith. I first came to Costa Rica 5 years ago on a soul searching sabbatical. Originally I had planned to travel the world, experience different cultures, meet new and wonderful people, and grow spiritually. My 2nd stop was Costa Rica and, like every ex-pat I meet, I ended up absolutely falling in love with this amazing Country. It only took about 6 months before I realized that I just had to live here full time. With the help of my feisty Italian neighbor, and a good set of wheels, I explored the country and learned to navigate the ins and outs of Costa Rican culture and, while doing so, made lifelong friends in the process.

After figuring out how to live here full-time, I settled in the Matapalo-Flamingo-Portrero part of Guanacaste and immediately started getting involved in the community. Through all of the volunteer work, fundraising events, and fun social outings that I was participating in, I made friends with the most amazing group of women and decided that I wanted to start connecting us all in a more meaningful way.

Nikki Griffith, Founder of Beach Society

I created the Beach Society in August 2017. It was an effort to both connect and empower women in the community who wanted to share their gifts and businesses with like minded ladies. We organize fun social outings, hold weekly dinners at new and exciting restaurants (many of which are owned by members), volunteer for worthy causes, and provide great discounts for local businesses of all types.

Most importantly, the goal is for us to support each other personally, as well as professionally. Having this opportunity to get to meet so many wonderful women in our community, and to share in the gifts and experiences they each bring to the group, is the most rewarding aspect of the Beach Society by far. Pura Vida!