The Learning Table | April 11, 2018

Feed Your Belly + Your Small Business

Hoja Verde Positive Food
Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica
11:00am | $40 per person

We know that figuring out digital media can be like stepping into the universe’s largest grocery store, with no list, no cart, and no idea what you need to buy. At webSMART, we know just how to navigate the aisles of the digital marketplace with the most efficient, productive moves out there. Our web-presence strategy would put any Supermarket Sweep contestant to shame. (Go for the spices! They’re small and so expensive!)

On April 11, we’ll be at La Hoja Verde, serving up lunch along with a generous helping of essential info for small businesses to navigate the wormholes and meteor showers of cyberspace. This Learning Table’s presentation will specifically cover: Reviews—something we love and love to hate, but is mission critical.

To make the most of the session, we’re limiting the event to 20 people, so sign up now! Spend the $40 now, and you’ll thank yourself later. Got questions about Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, or other digital media? Send us your questions in the contact form, and we’ll search the solar system for the best answers.

For this special webSMART satellite event, be the first to try new menu items from our friends at Hoja Verde: vegetarian dishes, smoothie tasting, coffee + tea, and something to satisfy the sweet tooth will all be included.

And remember, feedback and knowing your audience are an important part of the review process.

**If you have any dietary restrictions, no problem. Just send us a note along with any questions in preparation for the presentation in the Sign Up Form.