Meet Brittany: webSMART’s SEO SMARTy

By Karlie Herndon

Say Hello to Brittany

SEO Is Her Game-O.
Can You Tell We’re Happy to Have Her?

You might hear “writer” and think you’ll need to get out your poshest accent and properest [oh no, is that a word?] grammar, but with Brittany, you can relax. She may be a stickler for the right word, but this down-to-earth vocabulary master helps all our clients feel at ease in her capable, writerly hands. Brittany’s Bachelor’s Degree  in Business with a concentration in Marketing paired well with her minor in Leadership—she’s paving the way in the marketing world, and we hollar “hall-elujah” to know that she’s on our crew.


Wanderlust | Music Maker | Canine Commander | Forward Thinker

Brittany Hall
SEO + Content Writer
More-Brittany, Please

More Brittany, Please

Brittany is one well-traveled woman, and she’s hungry for more of the world. She’s lived in Indiana, Georgia, Kentucky, and North Carolina, where she’s called several cities home. No stranger to plane rides, Brittany has also explored the United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand. Always the curious one, Brittany has plans to visit every continent and set foot in plenty more countries soon. She’s so excited to explore and share her adventures, she even keeps her own travel blog.

When she’s not changing up her surroundings and refreshing her creative side with new sights, smells, and sounds, you might find Brittany checking out the local wineries or breweries. She’s also handy with a fencing foil, a set of ivory keys, and a pair of well-worn Irish dance shoes [but not all at once…unless she just hasn’t shared that skill with us yet!]. A dog-lover at heart, she has a Corgi named Cardiff, who we’re convinced barks in a Welsh accent.

We Brittany-eeded Her in Our Crew

Brittany has been working as a marketer and writer for over six years, and when Vanessa saw her resume, she scooped her up like a rare space rose. A graduate of UNC Wilmington [along with several of her crewmates], she’s a stellar fit on the SS webSMART. Brittany added a Google Analytics Certificate to her list of achievements, and her work in social media marketing, writing, and SEO has left her with ecstatic clients over the years. Working with her is fun, and she keeps the whole crew happy with her rocket-fueled rhetoric and her shining SEO.

Brittany crews SS webSMART
The SMART Side with Brittany

Join the SMART Side

Our crew shines no matter which way we turn, and we’d love to be the guiding light for your small business’s web-space endeavors. Brittany and our crew are standing by with small business marketing solutions to fit a wide range of web-presence goals and marketing budgets. Contact us today to find out how our crew can lead your crew to bigger and better places.