Caroline Cooley: webSMART’s Crew Mission Control

By Karlie Herndon

Meet Caroline, the Glue That Holds webSMART Together

Caroline Keeps the webSMART Rocket on the Straight and Narrow

This vegan junk food loving yogi is webSMART’s Crew Mission Control, which means she makes sure that the day-to-day operations are running smoothly.  She is a key part of the webSMART rocket, allowing us to provide affordable small business marketing solutions to companies that need it. Splitting her time between webSMART and yoga instruction, where she specializes in addiction and trauma treatment, Caroline keeps the whole team laughing, even when she doesn’t mean to. We’d love for you to get to know her, and we know she’ll have you feeling happier in no time.

Escaping the Corporate Hustle

Caroline has done it all. She waited tables, bartended, and delivered food for many years before transitioning over to the corporate world. After sitting in a cubicle for over a decade, Caroline had had enough of the 8 to 5 and knew she needed something different to fulfill her. In 2015, she received her 200-hour Yoga Teaching Training and started teaching on a regular basis. However, there was still something missing.


Yoga Goddess | Travel Extraordinaire | Vegan Noms Maker | Roller Derby Granny

Caroline Cooley
Crew Mission Control
Dixie wins the derby match

Roller Derby Connections

Cue webSMART’s spirited leader, Vanessa Keen. A long time friend and roller derby teammate, Vanessa approached Caroline with the proposition to join the webSMART team. Caroline’s problem solving skills and team-oriented mentality meant that she was the perfect addition to this business, and she’s since been working with small business owners to improve their online marketing strategy.

Perks of the Job

Caroline enjoys the collaborative nature of webSMART, the whole team working cohesively together to help small businesses find their marketing strategy and boost their web visibility. She ensures that happens by motivating each and every one of us on a regular basis, and she keeps things fun with her quick wit and never-ending humor. She also appreciates the fact that she can use her creativity, since no two workdays are ever the same. Compared to her old life, it’s fresh and inspiring work, and she loves continuously learning and growing with the team.

webSMART perks of the job
Dixie Crew Mission Control

Master Tasker

Caroline’s spirit animal is a hare. This means she can hop from handling webSMART’s assets, to teaching yoga, to watching Phish live in concert, and then hop back in to deal with project management, payrolls, and client contracts. She does this all tirelessly, and her spirit and energy keep the whole team going. If cruise control were a person, then Caroline is our cruise controller, helping us function even when we’re hard at work on something else.

Drop a Line to Caroline

Although she wanted to be a grocery clerk, beautician, or a veterinarian when she was little, we’re certainly glad she chose a different path and joined webSMART. We wouldn’t be where we are today without her. She does all the behind the scenes work so that the rest of the awesome crew can thrive at providing top-level SEO services to small businesses, and helping them boost their web presence. Drop us a line, and you’ll get to meet our master tasker, cruise controlling, yogi bunny Caroline, all while improving your business.