Meet Danielle Ahlberg: webSMART’s Creative Director

By Kate Lacey

Danielle, the Creative Genius of webSMART

Dani Makes webSMART Look Out of This World

An interesting paradox, Dani loves being outside, riding bikes, and getting dirty trying to tame her garden in Costa Rica, but is just as comfortable sitting in front of the computer, designing incredible, innovative visuals for webSMART as well as for small business owners. Dani’s upbeat personality makes the job enjoyable for everyone, and her dedication to her work is infectious. You might find her up before the sun sipping coffee and checking stats, and you’ll always find her positive, helpful, and brilliant. Also having a USCG license under her belt, we know who we can turn to for the smoothest sailing there is.

Leading the Family Business

Originally hailing from Northern California, Dani grew up in Bozeman, Montana. Graduating with a communications degree from the University of Southern California [Fight on!], Dani was well prepared for the various roles she held over the upcoming years. Perhaps the most notable was her role at her family business, Trakker Technologies. With Dani leading the marketing, the small business was at the apex for lead retrievals in the trade show industry. Dani’s time spent at the family business provided the foundation for her to develop her craft into the asset and all-star she is today at webSMART.


La Capitana | Aggressive gardener | Fish in water | Sailboat stowaway

Danielle Ahlberg
Creative Director
Potrero Post

The Post

After relocating to Costa Rica, Dani took over as editor and content creator of The Potrero Post. Her goal was to keep the non-Spanish-speaking expat community in the loop with local and national news. Dani went above and beyond this mission, launching a campaign to boost her community and its local businesses: not only did she keep the post going and maintain the information-sharing, community-building mindset, she used her know-how to create a directory of local businesses and a social events calendar. Dani’s efforts helped to bring the vast array of groups in Potrero together through social events and good business ethics.

Joining the webSMART Crew

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, combined with her background in marketing, Dani naturally gravitated towards Vanessa and her passion for the webSMART idea, and Dani joined the crew in January 2017. Her expertise in web content creation and graphic design shines through in all of her work at webSMART, and her sheer grit and determination has kept the webSMART rocket headed in the right direction.

[Insider info: As lore would have it, Vanessa knew Dani was the one after slaying Salt-N-Pepa at karaoke.]

Joining the webSMART Crew
Honing your brand

Honing in on Brand Identity

When Dani isn’t hiking or at the beach with her dog, Hamato Yoshi [She’s so cool, right? TMNT fans unite!], she is responsible for developing not only webSMART’s brand identity, but also the brand identities of the small businesses that webSMART works with. Whether it’s creating new websites for our clients, designing pitch decks, or sharing creative content via our social media channels, her ability to design and innovate never ceases to astound both her colleagues and the clients.

Forced to think on her feet in all scenarios, Danielle confidently brings together a cohesive, productive atmosphere through hard work and strong interpersonal relations, and she is an integral part of the webSMART crew. Although she hopes to get the chance to go hot air ballooning one day, we sure are glad that she is still on our spaceship. Dani is passionate about helping small business owners boost their online presence and would love to help you get your digital marketing strategy in line.