webSMART Welcomes Our Stellar New Partner, Juris Diction

By Karlie Herndon

The Team Just Got a Lot SMARTer with Our New Partner

Get out the party hats and confetti because this is an occasion worth celebrating!

webSMART is teaming up with one of the smartest, most successful legal marketing consultants we know.

Jessi Patton, aka Juris Diction (see? We told you she’s smart.), is an attorney-turned-consultant with plenty of experience turning law practices into web-savvy, money-making gurus. She’s not a one-time shooting star: she’s that long-tailed comet that keeps coming back for more, and she’s partnering with us to bring you even better service.

We’re excited to join forces and with Juris Diction, and we want to beam our excitement up to you. Juris Diction provides coaching and legal marketing to attorneys who want what we all want: better, smarter ways to make money without spending our lives stuck behind a desk. One of her Jessi’s top skills is email marketing, and she knows all the smart strategies to get your business into clients’ radars. Jessi and her team provide law practices with the brains to make the gains, with services like targeted newsletters, SEO projects, and crucial website content creation. Down the road, Juris Diction could take content in lieu of cash payment–save money, share info, and get your business’s name in even more prominent places.

Where Juris Diction will be the marketing captain, webSMART will take the wheel with all things data. Juris Diction’s clients will get access to webSMART’s consulting team, along with custom reporting options. Clients will receive Facebook analytics, Google My Business tracking, and competitor insights. Our SMARTies also have expertise in site audits, citation building, and keyword research, all to make your business better than ever.

If you’re an attorney looking for ways to better your business, market yourself, and make more money, give Juris Diction a shout out. In the meantime, be on the lookout for more news and updates about our partnership with such a rockstar service provider. Welcome to the team, Juris Diction!