7 Reasons to Join launchSITE

By Renezen Benedicto


What’s on your to-do list?

If you’re a local business owner, it could be anything from bookkeeping, cleaning bathrooms, inventory…you name it; it’s probably on there because you do it all. 

Today’s digital world has probably made your list even longer, with things consuming your time like learning how to market your business and researching what the ‘S’ and the ‘E’ are in SEO and why it should matter to you.  

At webSMART, we know small business owners are constantly trying to do more with less. Less time, fewer resources and even less know how. But we don’t think it should be that way! A launchSITE membership can help you do more WITH more. More resources, more community support, and more strategies available to help you optimize, grow, and propel your small business into the digital arena. 

While you could keep trying to make it on your own, let’s look at seven reasons why joining launchSITE could be the partnership you need to take your next leap forward.

webSMART does a great job of explaining very complicated systems in a way that a layperson can easily understand. I have seen concrete results from my work with webSMART which have allowed me to grow my business. -Andrew Hays, Hays Firm LLC

In House Digital Marketing

1. Jumpstart, Manage, and Maintain Marketing Operations In House with Ease.

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s easy to feel like a fish out of water. Even Colonel John Glenn, a former fighter pilot, trained extensively before climbing aboard the Friendship 7 to take his first ride into space. At webSMART, we also believe that a solid foundation can be the key to navigating the rapidly changing world of digital marketing.  

All of our members start with launchSITE’s 9-week foundation program. Kick-start your marketing efforts and expand your abilities [and horizons] by engaging in the following:


Evaluate current efforts and understand what’s working and what isn’t.

Strategize how to reach ideal customers.

Learn how to read and analyze vital web data to make informed decisions that will help improve and sustain your business.


Sure, you could hire an agency to take care of it all for you.  And while you do get the benefit of spending less time and effort worrying about every piece of your marketing operations, the downside is that you’re handing over the keys to someone else to steer. There’s also the risk of unknowingly hiring an agency with unethical practices. Considering it’s your business and reputation on the line, don’t you want assurance that whoever is in control has your best interest in mind?

But now imagine the satisfaction you get when you’re in the driver’s seat, managing your marketing in-house. Not to mention, the cost savings of knowing that at the end of the initial 9-week program, you’ll be laying out the foundation of a marketing strategy that will reach your ideal customers and catapult your team towards your goals.  

And when the rules of digital marketing change again? You’ll be ready to quickly assess your site’s current status and pivot with ease.

2. Get Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Perform Marketing-Based Tasks.

A quick peek inside the digital marketing world is enough to put anyone into complete analysis paralysis. How are you supposed to come up with a strategy and implement it, when it seems you’re already behind?

That’s why we’re breaking the seal and opening up our playbook to launchSITE members. We know that staying on top of the changes and coming up with a strategy might be too much for a small team to handle [let alone a solopreneur], so we filled our playbook with guides, tutorials, and quick wins that help you and your team manage your marketing approach to successfully launch a campaign.

Digital Marketing Step By Step
Monthly Action Items Sent to You

Each month, we’ll send you a list of suggested action items to maintain your digital footprint along with a checklist to keep track of your efforts, downloadable templates and clear instructions on what you and your team need to do.  

It’s like an Amazon delivery, but for your in-house marketing efforts. Now, who doesn’t LOVE deliveries?

3. Measure progress and make informed decisions with data dashboards that make sense.

Data and Analytics with launchSITE

When Friendship 7’s automatic attitude control system went haywire, mission control knew about it right away. Thanks to the data, they were able to guide Colonel Glenn back to earth.   

With custom data and analytics as a core component of every launchSITE’s membership, you’ll also be ready to recognize your wins, as well as the moments you need to make adjustments to your long-term strategy. 

After you learn how to read and analyze data, we’ll keep you updated with the most important metrics and real-time data on your website, social media and more, all for a fraction of the cost—if you or an agency did the work. With our customized reports, you will be able to see where your customers hang out online, and how they access information related to your industry, as well as learn more about your local and industry competitors, their methods and how to play their game and do it better.

4. Connect with and learn from other business owners.

launchSITE Network of Businesses

Even when you’re swamped with the demands of being a focused business owner, having a place to connect with other like-minded individuals can be a blessing. 

launchSITE is also a hub that encourages connectivity and interaction between members through organized events and live chat with other community members. This tool gives you the power to foster helpful interactions, get feedback and bounce ideas off others in your area and industry.

Latest Digital Marketing Trends

5. Access relevant info about trends and best practices.

While you may not need a play-by-play account of all of Google, Facebook, Instagram’s etc.  algorithm changes in 2019, we do believe you should stay up-to-date on industry related news that could impact your business. 

That’s why the webSMART Crew continuously researches, tests, and develops new strategies; then we share our findings with launchSITE members. Our methods are always ethical and professional, and adhere to only white-hat practices. If trends shift and best practices change, we are here to teach you step-by-step, as well as provide you with templates to use for your marketing calendar, social campaign planning and keyword research to customize in-house.

Inefficient guesswork will be a thing of the past as you stay in the know and remain relevant in the ever changing cyberspace.
Looking Beyond the Horizon

We stay on top of trends and best practices so that you can focus on succeeding and have confidence that you’ll be around for the long haul, and not be another fly by night operation. Also by leveraging our connections in the industry and constantly searching for the correct information and viewing analytics, we’re able to find ethical, sustainable solutions you can use for your business.

6. Participate in webinars, live chats and round table discussions with seasoned industry professionals and your peers.

In case we haven’t made it obvious yet,  we designed launchSITE to help keep you in the know and in control!   

Your marketing strategy needs to constantly calibrated as the rules of the web change. That’s why we think it’s important that you attend our continuing education webinars, engage in live chats with peers, and participate in roundtable discussions and workshops. Expand your horizons and get your most burning questions answered. 

Our crew keeps our ears to the ground, so when we see significant shifts or new trends emerging, we’ll use these opportunities to update you and advise on real world applications. But it won’t be just one-way. We’ll look to you to share what topics you’d like to take a deep dive into and learn more about. Just as we advise you to be constantly evaluating how to best serve your clients’ needs, we’re doing the same. By providing us feedback, your ideas will also enable the launchSITE community to reach new heights!

Stay on trend…stay in the know

Network dedication + contribution

SEO In-House

7. Save time, money and brain cells.

At webSMART, we know you’d travel to the farthest galaxy if it meant success for your business. But we also know cost is a hard hitting topic.  

Hiring an agency could take care of building your web presence, but with so many assets to manage, it gets expensive. Bringing on an in-house marketing expert could also work, but hiring costs as well as training and logististics such as measuring success and meting out goals can be tricky to navigate . With webSMART’s arsenal of tools, long track record of successful campaigns, community of sustainable business owners, and creative solutions at your fingertips, you’ll be able to build and sustain your online presence with confidence, and at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing the work. 

But launchSITE isn’t just an affordable and time-saving solution. It also opens the door for you to access more data and metrics for your business that ever before. Instead of logging in to all of your platforms to get the most updated analytics, you’ll be able to access website analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and more in a single location. You’ll even be able to compare your search engine rankings and social activity to your top competitors.

With our customized reports and data dashboards, you can start tracking your success from the very beginning. Understand where to spend your energy so that you can start saving time and money to do things you enjoy outside of work. Technology is a tool, not a time-sucking vortex.


Are you ready to jump-start your in-house marketing operations and cross out some items on your to-do list?  We think so. You’ve gotten this far haven’t you?

Our launchSITE hub has everything you need to grow your business online. When you put your trust in us, you will end up saving money, but more importantly, you will see your business grow. Interested in learning more about the launchSITE or if we’re a good fit for you? Fill out the contact form below to get started. Let’s see how we can help your small business take off and conquer the digital frontier.

Cyberspace Take-off