Meet Kate Lacey: webSMART’s Content Coordinating Pro

By Karlie Herndon

Meet Kate Lacey: The Schwarzenegger of Coordinators

She won’t need to be back—she’s got our backs 24/7.

Say hello to our dream team coordinating machine: Kate Lacey. A world traveler and lifelong explorer, Kate has been rocking our world ever since she joined the team. Whether she’s jumping in to help out with writing, coordinating the efforts of our graphic designers, or interacting with you, our web-space cadets, Kate does it all with the poise and confidence of a seasoned fire juggler. A creative person and problem solver at heart, she has made our crew of small business marketing consultants shine like a full moon on a clear night.

Curiosity Thrilled the Cat

When your spirit animal is a feline, curiosity will drive you. Kate’s inner cat has sent her all over Europe and Africa, with plenty of stops along the way. A native of Cheshire, England, Kate earned a BA in Modern Languages, and after whetting her appetite for travel with a year in Spain and summer in France, she spent a season in the popular French ski resort of Val-d’Isère, and then moved to Zambia. A three-month opportunity to work in the South Luangwa National Park grew into four years in Zambia, and, as part of luxury safari lodges’ Management, Operations, and Logistics teams, Kate’s skills in coordination, problem-solving, and overall awesomesauce blossomed like bougainvillea, Zambia’s national flower.


Travel Zealot | Reading Enthusiast | Pilates Nut | Safari Superior

Kate Lacey
Content Coordinator
Kate of all trades

Kate of All Trades

Kate’s adventures don’t stop there. When she’s not exploring the globe, she’s reading every book she can get her hands on, rocketing through the world of writing. While becoming a star of the safari world, Kate also met her husband; the two married in Victoria Falls and had their first child together in 2016. Kate, now stellar mom and chocolate and coffee aficionado, seeks out learning and challenges every single day. Little did she know she’d be hitting the jack-of-all-trades jackpot in no time.

New to the Crew

Not long after relocating to South Africa as her husband earned a commercial pilot’s license, she began freelancing, a field she excelled in through her curiosity, energy, and drive to complete challenging projects. After impressing webSMART’s creator, Vanessa, with an initial project, Kate joined the crew for keeps (to our immense delight!). Since July of this year, Kate has stepped up to the coordination station as Content Coordinator, a role that lets her flex her genius muscles time and again through writing projects, time-bending calendar cocktails, and email extravaganzas.

webSMART crew
webSMART Content Coordinator

Coordination Innovation

Kate’s post on the USS webSMART puts her in touch with every inch of our work, from internal scheduling, to sending out useful new information, to making sure clients are getting what they need from our small business marketing company. If ever the starship veers off course, she’s there to plot a new path to get us back on track. She’s the reader of the star chart, the keeper of the keys: in short, she keeps us in line so that we can shoot for the stars.

Kate + You = A Match Made in the Heavens

When she’s not doing pilates [Even the meaning of the word “flexible “ is flexible with Kate!], exploring new places, or cozying up with a good book, Kate is making sure webSMART keeps brilliant content, crisp graphics, and happy small businesses in our orbit. Our small business marketing agency works better with Kate on board, and we’re sure you’ll be glad to hear from her. Contact us today, and find out how our small business marketing services can make your company work SMARTer.