Marketing on a Budget With Keyword Research from Ubersuggest

By Renezen Benedicto

Accessing the Keys to Online Marketing Success

These days almost anyone can build a website. With website builders that have drag and drop capabilities, business owners can get a website up and running in a matter of hours.

This might explain why there are now almost 2 billion websites [yes, that’s billion with a “b”] in cyberspace. And also why keyword research, the process of identifying popular phrases people enter into the search engines, is one of YOUR keys to successful online marketing. Unless you want to be that pretty website that no one knows about. Yeah, we didn’t think so.

Although there are many keyword research tools out there, one of the easiest to use is Ubersuggest, a completely free option available to your small business. Learn how Ubersuggest can help you take off even if you’re marketing on a small budget.

Marketing on A Budget Using Keyword Research


Keyword research is time-consuming. But it’s an important step that you can’t skip. Ubersuggest makes it easier for you by pulling keywords from Google Keyword Planner or from the drop-down search suggestions from Google Autocomplete [the words that come out when you’re Google-ing]. To get started, just type in a word that is associated with your business and click “Search”.

Ubersuggest Search

Getting Started on Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest Overview

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Once you’ve entered your keyword, you’ll end up on the Overview page.

Ubersuggest Search Volume

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Scroll down and you will find volume per month, which will help you schedule your content if there’s a time element to it. For example, the volume of searches for “Healthy Lawn Tips” increases as we head towards the spring, so February might be a good time to publish content using those keywords.

Ubersuggest Menu

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Along the left side of the page are menu items to help you take a deeper dive into the keyword and content ideas, as well as a few more of the new features that were added recently by SEO guru, Neil Patel.

Sifting through Keyword Ideas

Paid vs. Organic

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From the Keyword Ideas section, you can review the keyword search volume for the month, the CPC [cost-per-click], as well as the organic and paid difficulty for each keyword. 

You will naturally want to focus on the keywords with high search volume. Why wouldn’t you, those are the keywords people are using, right? Well before you jump on those keywords, keep in mind that the high volume keywords often have the most competition which, if you’re just starting out, might make it difficult for you to be found. That’s why you’ll want to look at the organic and paid difficulty for each keyword. The lower the number, the easier it is to be found for the keyword. 

Looking at a typical search result page, the ads are usually found along the top or on the right side of the page. The organic results are located under the paid search results.


Percent of people won’t go beyond the first page of the search results.

75% of people won’t go beyond the first page of the search results, so your goal is to get to the front page. You can get to the front page by ranking in the top ten of the organic search results or as a paid ad. Think about it like applying for college, the keywords with the higher difficulty numbers are your “reach” schools. They’ll be harder to rank for, but they aren’t impossible. 

This section is a great starting point for your keyword research. You can also copy and paste the keywords found in Ubersuggest into a paid tool like Long Tail Pro to run more in-depth competitor analysis. 

You can also see the related keywords from this view, allowing you to find other keywords to include or even more relevant keywords out there. On the right side of the screen is the SERP analysis, which gives you a chance to survey your competition.  You can see the top 100 pages ranking for the keyword, as well as the estimated number of visits they got this month.

Content Ideas

Understanding Your Competition with Content Ideas

Content ideas can be found on the next icon. This section gives you a list of how others are using the keywords and their URL. You’ll also be able to see the estimated monthly visits, as well as external links back to those pages. It also displays the number of shares the post has on Facebook and Pinterest. 

You can use this information to see what content is out there and how to do it better.

Real Time

Ubersuggest’s Best Features

If we haven’t reiterated it enough, Ubersuggest’s best feature is how easy it is to use for keyword research, while still being a free service. Unlike many of the paid services that offer more in-depth analysis, Ubersuggest keeps it simple, which is ideal if you are new to the game and looking for a place to start your keyword research.

Additionally, because Ubersuggest pulls data from Google’s Autocomplete [formerly Google’s Suggest], the keywords you’re getting are updated in real-time.

The Limits

Like any free service, it will have some limitations. 

For Ubersuggest, the major drawback is providing limited results for very niche markets like “Canned Fish in Lisbon”.  With some brainstorming, you’ll be able to find some relevant keywords to start with, but if you’re still having problems, the webSMART crew can help. Ubersuggest also won’t be able to do the type of in-depth analysis that other services such as SEMRush or Moz can. However, it is loaded with a ton of information including the recently added Traffic Analyzer.

At this stage, there is no app nor is it mobile friendly. While an inconvenience, keyword research is the type of task you’ll want to do in front of a screen that is bigger than your hand, so as to avoid getting cross-eyed from the data.

Niche Market

Keyword Research for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Use the research to identify keywords your site can rank for. You can then rewrite titles and meta descriptions to incorporate the keywords, as well as work on optimizing the content on the page. The keyword research gives you future blog topic ideas and allows you to answer questions people have online, which could lead consumers to your product or service. 

Keyword research is the start of a number of digital marketing strategies you can use to reach the far corners of the galaxy. It’s your inside look to see what your customers [or potential customers] are thinking about and an opportunity for you to become a trusted expert on the subject. 

Stop Floating Around Cyberspace

You did it. You’ve created a website and are now sitting among the billions of stars in cyberspace. Next step is to stand out above the rest. For that, keyword research is your pal!

But keyword research is not a one and done type of thing and it can still take time even with tools like Ubersuggest. So if you are still a bit overwhelmed with what to do with a powerful tool like Ubersuggest or other keyword research resources, don’t go at it alone! A launchSITE membership can help you get started with keyword research and gives you a step-by-step guide along the way, including what to do with all this beautiful data you discover.